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The Stalpen is a tree jack that can push a tree in the required direction, or act as a support, even if the natural fall of the tree would be in a different direction. The jack ensures safe tree felling, even for highly problematic trees. The Stalpen tree jack comes in one size, with maximum pressure of 2,600 kg.

The Stalpen jack comprises a crank and a rack-and-pinion gearbox that drives an extending bar. The crank can be wound forwards for increased pressure or backwards to release the pressure. The Stalpen jack has a unique disengagement system that allows you to wind forwards and backwards at full load without having to push up some kind of locking mechanism. This prevents kickback even if the crank is released.

StalpenChoice of materials and quality work for the Stalpen jack are of the utmost important, since we know that safety is the highest priority in forestry work. The Stalpen jack is designed to tolerate large forces and to resist overhang, wind gusts and incorrect leaning of the tree. The mechanics of the Stalpen jack are extremely reliable, since they simply comprise rack and pinion gears. We use no wires, nylon bands or other variants for the drive, so as to minimise the risk of tangling and material wear. The Stalpen tree jack is not designed to replace the winches or other specialist machinery used on difficult and risky jobs. Judgement and professional experience are always important when felling.

The Stalpen tree jack has been made by Svedbro Smide since 1972 and over the years we have sold thousands across the globe. We are pleased to note that tree jacks manufactured by us in the 1970s are still in use today.



Product info

Product sheet

Length assembled, with extender wound in: 2 metres.  Svedbro Stalpen
(Length of extender: 63 cm)  Svedbro Stalpen
Length separated, not assembled: 1 metre per section
Weight assembled: 14.5 kg
Max pressure 2,600 kg.*

* Tested by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute.