Made in Sweden


Alongside the manufacture of our own products, we have a large workshop section, where we repair other people’s machinery and tools. Tasks include welding, milling, turning, drilling, bending, assembly, tempering and annealing. We carry out jobs that include conversions and refits, as well as repairs to the majority of construction machinery, diggers and cranes.

We have plenty of space and a good variety of machinery, which allows us to provide a flexible service for our customers. Trailers can be loaded and unloaded directly into the workshop and we can accommodate large construction machinery without any problems.

Over many years in the business, we have amassed a wealth of engineering knowledge. Our mechanics are well-trained and have specialist expertise, making them well-placed to meet the customer’s needs We maintain a strong focus on service and quality, from the start of the job until final delivery. Providing good service and quality for our customers is a task we never tire of.

To ensure the quality of the work we do, ongoing internal checks are conducted throughout the working process.